Adventure Is Calling Mindful Travel Set




The Adventure is Calling Mindful Travel Set from Fashion Angels is the perfect gift for jet setters of all ages.

This lovely set includes everything you need for mindful travel.

Attach the unique bag ID tag to your suitcase for easy identification at baggage claim.

Next pack the magic sequin eye mask, travel journal and calming amethyst semi-precious stone into your carry-on bag for easy access to these necessities.

Use the mask for "Don't both me" time on the plane, the travel journal for memories to be documented and the amethyst for good vibes only!



1 Magic Sequin Sleep Mask

1 Mini Organza Storage Pouch

1 Luggage Tag

1 (40 page) Travel Journal

1 Amethyst Crystal Geode


Dimensions: 10" L x 2" W x 10" H


Ages 8+

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