Lili Rose Scented Water Perfume 100 ml




Kaloo Lilirose is a fragrance fit for little princesses.

The composition of the fragrance will lead to sweet dream and warm cuddles and it will never get boring.

You can safely use this scent as a perfume or as a room scent.

The alcohol-free and clinically tested eau de toilette is absolutely baby safe.



These clinically tested fragrance waters from Kaloo meet he high requirements for baby perfumes and baby room fragrances.

They are alcohol-free, clinicqully tested and baby safe.

To meet the different preferences of children and adults, Kaloo has developed several subtle fragrances. 

They spread soothing aromas that spread harmony and have a positive effect on the mind. 

Kaloo fragrances are unique room fragrances for babies and children that can be used without hesitation.

Kaloo scented water can be used as a room fragrance or as a perfume. 


Dimensions: 100 ml

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