Mini Circle Balloon


Front and Back of Balloon: No
Color of Stand: Pink


Ever wanted to create your own balloon?
Well now you can!!!
These mini sized custom balloons will make the perfect gift!
Fun fact these balloons DO fit inside the gift in a balloon!
These balloons are the perfect size for a centerpiece or to put on your office desk.
The balloon comes attached to a weighted stand that you can put on any flat surface to display your balloon.
The stand come in multiple colors options.

If you want another design on the back of the balloon make sure to click that option and let us know what you want on the other side in the comment section at checkout or email us.

Unfortunately our website only accepts English but if you want the message on your balloon in Hebrew or Yiddish we can do that for!
Want to put one of your own pictures on the balloon?
Just email the message and or picture and your order number to

Anything you want us to know about your order make sure to add in the comment section at checkout!
Make sure to fill out your email and or phone number so we can contact you with any questions we have to make sure you get your balloon just the way you want.

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