Organic Cotton Bunny Comforter & Blanket Gift Set


Color: Pink


Omnis Pura Handmade Collection Our Baby's Best Friend Bunny is made with 100% organic cotton and EN71-3 Yarns (35*-40 cm) Ears to chew and grab knots to practice motor skills. All lines of this product are prepared with care and taste. Each detail is handcrafted. We do not use ready-made materials. OEKO-TEX and GOTS Certified four layers of muslin 100% Natural Blanket 80*90cm. *Breathable and light fabric. *No swallowable small parts. *Wash it gently with gentle detergents , do not bleach, prefer cold water or low heat, do not cycle or tumble dry. If you like different colours please contact us. *The set comes in a craft box. New Mom Tips: Initially, moms can use the bunny or blanket themselves when they are sleeping close to their child, then they can give it to them. Whenever you cannot be 100% present, the bunny absorbs your smell and comforts your little precious baby. Timeless Designs...

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