Puzzle Ball




  • Three toys in one!
  • Speakers, clickers and rattles.
  • Comes apart easily, however it is equally as easy to put back together.
  • A great first activity ball for baby.
  • Helps to develop baby’s manipulation skills with particular focus on grasping and holding.
  • Let your baby grasp the ball, showing him or her the different textures  - the raised surfaces, along with the squeaker, clicker and rattle. 
  • On a flat surface initiate some rolling games - see if your baby can crawl after the ball. Clap and praise any activity. 
  • See if your baby can discover that the ball dismantles - if not, gently guide him or her to separate the ball into its three parts. 
  • Your baby now has 3 different toys to discover - roll the middle section, and encourage lots of rattling from other sections - all are easy to hold and encourage your infant to develop grasping and manipulation skills.   
  • Show your infant the different ways you can fit the pieces together - you can make the ball complete again, or assemble other interesting shapes which can stand on a flat surface. 
  • Encourage your infant to try different combinations and praise all efforts. 

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