Tell Your Story 10,000+ Beads Super Set




Design and make over 100 bracelets for yourself and your BFF's. 

Or start a business and sell your fantastic designs!

This collection of 10,000 beads allows you to personalize your designs using the alphabet beads. 

Spell out friend's names and thoughts in rainbow colors to wear proudly on their wrists. 

This kit contains enough beads to use as an activity at birthday parties and other group events making this a fun activity and parting gift. 

These easy to make bracelets aid in the development of motor and visual skills not to mention design skills. 

Take tweens off screen and kick start their creativity.



Tell your story on your wrist with this 10,000 plus bead kit.

Design and make 100 plus bracelets for yourself, friends, and family.

Personalize the bracelets with the included alphabet beads.

Make the bracelets an expression of yourself and others gift them or start your own personalized bracelet business!

Perfect activity for birthday parties, clubs or take this kit to camp! 

Not only is this a great group activity, but everyone gets to take their bracelet home as this kit makes up to 100 bracelets.

Great gift for the creative crafter.

The design possibilities are endless with the rainbow of colorful beads included.

This kit provides hours of fun away from screens. Aids in the development of motor and visual skills.

Not to mention the satisfaction of creating on trend bracelets while expressing their creativity.


Dimensions: 2" L x 14" W x 14" H


Ages 8+

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