Toddler Remote Control Car




EASY TO USE FOR 2 AND 3 YEAR OLDS - We designed this kid RC car with your toddler in mind. 2 Simple buttons and great performance! You will be surprised how fast this little car for toddler is. DURABLE AND SAFE - Even though this little remote control car can move fast, it was made to be abused. We know your little one doesn't have a license yet and we fully expect to hit walls at full speed. This little electric car will take a licking and keep on rolling. THEY WILL LOVE IT - THE PERFECT PRESENT FOR CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAYS - This R.C. Car for Toddlers made the holiday gift guide for a reason! Your son, daughter, grandson, grandaughter will absolutely love this toy. It is the perfect toy for a 2 3 4 5 year old.

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