Remote Control Battle Tanks (2 Pack)




Let the tanks battle begin!

2 full function R/C battling tanks with infrared sensors, light and sound effects, controllable turret and built in battle game.


How to play:

Tanks have two types of fire: Cannon and machine gun.

Each tank begins the battle with four life lines marked as red lights on the back.

If your tank gets hit by cannon fire, you will lose one life.

If your tank gets hit by 5 turret shots, your tank will lose 1 life.

When you are down to your last life, the turret will stop working.

Once you lose all four lives, the tank stops functioning for 15 seconds and the game ends.



2 full function RC Battling tanks

Infrared cannons and sensors

Lights and sound effects

2 modes of fire: Cannon and machine gun

Tanks recoil after a cannon fire

Turret can be moved and controlled

Each tank has 4 lifelines

During battle if a tank is hit by the opponent’s cannon, it will lose a lifeline

Ages 8+

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