1000+ Spread Kindness Stickers-Series 9




Show your love with this sticker book that you will keep forever. 

With over 1000 stickers printed on 40 pages; you will always have a little kindness to spread.

These stickers can be used to brighten up a scrapbook page, decorate a greeting card or envelope.

Teachers can use the stickers as incentives for their students.

From inspirational sayings to cute little daisies, our original designs can brighten anyone's day.

Cover your notebooks, journals, water bottles, computer, with kindness and love.

Makes a great gift for birthdays, teachers, holidays, and more!



40 pages of kind-themed stickers

1000+ stickers of original artwork by our designers

Teachers love these stickers for classroom giveaways and incentives

Perfect for scrapbookers, journals, planners, notebooks, greeting cards, envelopes, personalize anything with these stickers

All bound in a handy book! Never lose a sticker!

For all ages


Dimensions: .4"L x 5.75 "W x 8"H


Ages 6+

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