Blue Sparkly Glitter with Swarovski Crystals Pacifier Clip

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Secure your baby's pacifier with this sweet and stylish pacifier clip!


This clip fits all major brands of pacifiers and it's crystals are strung on 49 Strands of jewelry wire.

Each end is triple-secured to guarantee quality and safety.

A team of professionals secure and check each clip individually, the crystals are selected from a wide variety, to ensure that we bring you a safe, secure and stunning pacifier clip.

This pacifier clip is made of heavy metal for strength and durability.

It's a rust free clip that will ensure no stains on your kids clothing.


Safety Warning:
Pacifier clips are not intended as a toy.

Never put your child to bed wearing a pacifier clip.


Cleaning information:

This pacifier clip is best cleaned by wiping with a dry cloth.

A damp cloth may be used if dried immediately.

Never wash in dishwasher. 


Dimensions: 8" in


This item fits inside our gift in a balloon!

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