Builder Box House




From the front door to the family dog, this creative construction set encourages little builders to design their perfect house through pretend play.

windows, bushes, the cat, a sweet picket fence.

Each solid wood accessory can be twisted into place and
removed using the wooden screwdriver and wrench.

Design it again and again!

A self-storage bin in the back keeps all pieces contained, and the sturdy, built-in handle makes this home mobile.

It’s a hands-on set of wooden toys for industrious kids!


Create endless house designs with this colorful, wood home facade.

Develops hand-eye coordination, creativity, imagination and fine motor skills.

1 Builder Box House
8 Wooden Screws
8 Wooden Nuts
17 House Accessories
1 Wooden Screwdriver
1 Wooden Wrench

Ages 3+

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