Car Mishloach Manos




Beep! Zoom! Vroom!

Race you to the finish line for one of these Car-tastic M"M!

Great Purim Gift:

These full party treat boxes are ideal for all your friends, family, classmates, neighbors; Or even teachers to students!

Match your theme:

Are your kids dressing up as a race car driver?

You found the right Mishloach manot to match your theme! 

Ready to go:

Perfectly wrapped by Bubble Blastte

Kosher Parve - Certified by Rabbi Bergstein


Dimensions: 3.5" x 7" x 3.25"

1 Race Car Box
1 Mini Hand Clapper
1 Smiley Stamper
1 Light-up Pullback Car Toy
4 Assorted Candies/Nosh 

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