Chanukah Shrink Art




Create a wearable Chanukah work of art!

Color the 6 Chanukah designs with the included markers and insert into the oven (see directions) where they magically harden and shrink.

Then, make key-chains and necklaces with the included rings & cords.



1. Preheat the oven to 325°
2. Select Shrink Art and place rough side up on flat surface
3. Color in the design on the rough side
4. Cut along dotted line
5. Lay the shrink art on a non-stick cookie sheet with the colored side facing up, leave room between each design
6. Watch as the paper shrinks and begins to curl
7. Remove cookie sheet immediately from oven when the designs are somewhat flat (1-3 minutes). 
DO NOT OVERBAKE. Allow to cool completely before lifting them off the sheet.



6 Chanukah shrink art sheets (3.5" x 4")
5 markers (red, orange, yellow, blue and purple)
4 key-chains
2 necklace cords

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