Comic Stalin's Secret Mission




"Is he a spy or not? Let's ask him."
"Ha, ha! Since when does a spy admit to his mission?"
"Pinchas, nothing happened. Let's wipe up the milk. Between you and me,
we've got bigger problems. Remember when Papa got that letter that made
him go pale? He still made sure to keep a happy face because, you know, we
live here..."
"Look, a child is approaching. Think he lost something?"
"Maybe he's looking for someone. Is he related to any of the guards here?"
"Nah, he's Jewish. Do you think...he wants to talk to Stalin?!"
"Seriously?! Of course not! No one wants to find himself in the presence of such an

unstable leader."
They were taken away in the black carriage. I saw so myself. Will they ever see the
light of day again?
...Who knows? So many mysteries! Come along for a turbulent and
miraculous ride in Stalin's secret mission and enjoy the dramatic story of
Isser and his family."

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