Dump Truck




No job too big and no job too small! 

Bring back childhood memories and create new possibilities with the Battat Dump Truck.

This heavy-duty construction truck comes with a vintage look and a friendly truck operator.

It also features bright colors, moving parts and soft rubbery wheels that won't scratch your floor.

Little ones will enjoy checking on the engine and unloading the truck's dump box.

Easy to grab and drive around, this dump truck for toddlers is heavy-duty fun for itty bitty hands.

Designed with your little one in mind; watch him load up the dump truck and move stuff around the living room.

Marbles, treasures or pebbles; also a great way to serve snacks!

This plastic toy truck is easy to clean, even after a messy adventure in the mud!



Promotes hands-on play, also helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

All Battat products meet or exceed EU, U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Just vroom in the fun, whether you're in the playroom or in the sandbox. 

Vintage look; soft rubbery wheels; sturdy plastic

Builds strong motor skills, hand-eye coordination



Ages 2+


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