Eau De Soin Parfumee 100 ml




Eau de Soin has been designed for babies, from birth to 5 years old, alcohol-free.

A fragrance that can be used from birth to gently scent hair and body; baby's little hands and feet, as well as his clothes and pillow.

It's the smell of childhood, a soothing floral fragrance that blends the sweetness of cherry and savory.

Clinically tested, this scented care water is a cosmetic product made in the laboratory, with all safety standards, and provides a nice soothing scented and moisturizing mist.  

The teething ring is light and easy for baby to grab.

Designed in a soft and supple material, it is ideal for relieving baby during teething thanks to many chewing parts and a multi-textured surface for a gentle massage of the gums.

100 ml

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