Wooden Dollhouse with Wooden Furniture 23 PCs Accessories




The Most Delightful Doll Home: The Dazzling Wooden Doll House from Fun Little Toys makes the perfect addition to any Kid Princess’ playset. 3 Floors of dollhouse entertainment are packed in this pretty Kid Princess palace! That includes the Lovely Living Room, Beauty Sleep Bedroom, and Cute Little Kitchen. Every doll half a foot or under is going to fit in well inside their very own mini-home! Cute & Cozy Collection: Dollhouses for little girls have never been so wonderfully designed. Featuring 23 Kid Princess Play Pieces, there are plenty of precious ways for kids to customize their wooden dollhouse their way. Children may combine pieces of fun little furniture to create the dollhouse that ‘til now has only lived in their imagination! This means that there are endless hours of kid creation fun in store! Easily Enjoyable Entertainment: This toy house comes included with an incredible, easy-to-read instructional book.

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