I Go to a Wedding




A warm and cozy book highlighting the joy of a Jewish Wedding.  

Join a young brother and sister as they celebrate with the chosson and kallah.

What could be more exciting for a child than to go to a wedding?  

Whether their teacher, a sibling, a cousin or a family friend is getting married, children love to participate in this most joyous event!

In I Go to a Wedding, all the significant and fun parts of a Jewish wedding are brought to life.  

The familiar brother and sister from all the other Toddler Experience Books enjoy every aspect:  from receiving the invitation and getting dressed up, to watching what takes place under the chuppah and dancing until late in the night.

Colorful, detailed illustrations and bouncy rhymes make I Go to a Wedding a great addition to every child’s bookshelf.  

It makes a perfect and very thoughtful gift for any child who’s family is planning a wedding!

What better way to prepare even very young children for this most important occasion… so they can enjoy it to the fullest and feel part of the simcha!





Language: English


Author: Rikki Benenfeld

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