Into the Forest Classic Mobile




Provide your little one with engaging activities, adorable forest friends, and a musical soother with the Tiny Love Into the Forest Classic Mobile.

This clever mobile allows parents to easily moderate the level of stimulation.

Activate the movement, lights and music all together or introduce your baby to one feature at a time; enjoy the full mobile experience or remove the overhead arm and use as a music box only.

At 1-3 months your baby looks up and is now able to follow the moving objects with their eyes, thereby developing sight and strengthening eye muscles.

After 5 months you can now remove the mobile's arm and leave the music box for your baby to play with independently.



Engage and Delight Baby – Spinning black and white spirals delight baby as they encourage visual development.

Soothe And Amuse – 20 minutes of continuous classical music to soothe baby.

Soothing Mobile Motion – Specially-designed soothing motion for a calm, relaxed baby.

Removable Music Box – Music box removes easily letting you take it along on its own or later use as a standalone toy for an older baby.

Calming Nightlight – Soft nightlight comforts baby during quiet times.

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