Lekoved Shabbos Kodesh For Kids & Kids at Heart Hardcover




A creative masterpiece. This book will warm your heart, tickle your imagination, and stimulate your soul. Raizy welcomes her readers into her world, sharing personal stories and imparting the wisdom she so needed to hear growing up. From young to old, you’ll enjoy every moment immersed in this heartwarming book, as you discover how to create the sweetest Shabbos, week after week. In this book, you’ll learn how to: - Accept your personality and embrace your creativity - Create a truly geshmake Shabbos with love and care - Set your Shabbos table with step-by-step napkin folding ideas - Whip up easy dessert recipes - Prepare homemade treats you’ll be proud of - Bake all sorts of cupcakes, cookies, and pastries - Decorate fun Parsha Projects with sweets and nosh

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