Here's My Heart Frosted Glass Heart: Assorted




Presenting your love with a heart that says "Here's My Heart" would be enormously romantic, don't you think? The hearts are 1.75" and come with a sheer, heart-shaped pouch. They come in three colors: White, Pink and Mystery Lilac, a magical color that is bright lilac in natural light and a greyed lavender under fluorescent lighting. The pouches coordinate with the color. The hearts are printed in the USA (Tennessee) on internationally sourced material. You can buy our hearts individually or you can choose a Glass Heart Assortment which includes I Love You, Always & Forever, Consider Yourself Hugged, Here's My Heart, Thank You and You Are Loved. We have indicated that we don't do customization on the hearts, but we can if your order is for 50 or more, and the text or image will fit. Please message us.

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