Make-a-Meal Sticker Pad




Pick a place setting--picnic table, cafeteria or fancy dinner--then fill the page with stickers to create your dream dinner.

Over 225 stickers include every food group, so it's easy to make a balanced meal and practice healthy eating . . . or pile a plate with doughnuts and ice cream for a meal that could only happen in stickers!

Fifteen background pages in three colorful designs tear out cleanly and are big enough to "serve" at your make-believe restaurant.



Sticker activity pad with printed pages to decorate

Includes 225+ food and beverage stickers and 15 place settings in three designs

Lets kids take control of dinner for a change!

Realistically sized place settings are the perfect size to "serve"

Encourages fine motor skills, creative expression and imaginative play


Ages 3+

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