Reborn Baby - Diego with Veins and Redness




πŸ’— If you are looking for a REBORN DOLL either for girls or for adults, made 100% in Spain, this one will not disappoint you πŸ’— SILICON VINYL tips, with hand-painted veins and redness πŸ’— It gives the feeling of a real baby when you hold it in your arms. This effect is only achieved with its weighted cloth body, filled by hand with glass sphere pouches πŸ’— Its HEAD DROP EFFECT will offer you that REALISM so appreciated in reborn babies πŸ’— He weighs like a real baby, 2kg and measures 48cm πŸ’— Its drool and moquito, its wrinkles, its folds, its scent and the handmade work will leave you super SATISFIED πŸ’— Their limbs are complete, that is to say THEY ARE NOT 3/4, something very unaesthetic πŸ’— Articulated limbs, something that allows you to give this reborn baby girl a lot of mobility and to be able to adopt real baby postures. The hair does not require special care πŸ’— Comes with a custom-made pacifier, 2 magic bottles, a blanket, diaper, certified and in its high quality box

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