Mitzvah Kinder Playhouse




The Mitzvah Kinder Foldable Play House, is part of the Yiddish Home Collection, and has won the hearts of yiddishe kinderlach worldwide.

Little girls and boys will enjoy hours of play in our 3 story home, with 5 different rooms illustrated to present our Jewish lifestyle of Mitzvos and Torah Study.

They will delight in preparing and cooking food in a kosher kitchen, setting the Shabbos table in the dining room and getting ready for bed with negel vasser and krias shema.

The attic gives the children an opportunity to set up and host guests that come to stay at the Mitzvah Kinder home.

The Mitzvah Kinder Play House is a gift every child will cherish!



Velcro Assembly System (Adult Assembly Required)

3 floors, 5 rooms easy to assemble and disassemble 1-2-3

Made of soft and safe wipe-able poly fabric

PVC Edge Reinforced


Dimensions: 28" High x 24" Wide

Ages 3+

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