Mitzvah Kinder Seforim Room




Come and join Tuli and Tatty in the Seforim room! 

A special room meant exclusively for the learning of the Holy Torah, you are invited to see what it's like firsthand in the Mitzvah Kinder Seforim room.

The bookshelves are lined with seforim, the Chanukah Menorah is lit, and Tatty and Tuli are seated in the center, ready to get into it! 

Faigy has been kind enough to prepare some food for her hungry family members who are about to set off rummaging through the pages of the Talmud.

Altogether, this family is just one happy unit and they all love being together and learning Torah because it's the right thing to do!



4 Seferim 

3 Mentchees

1 Seferim Case 

1 Menorah


Ages 3+

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