Mitzvah Kinder Shul Set




The Mitzvah Kinder Shul has been designed to provide hours of play and pleasure to Yiddishe Kinderlach around the globe.

Playing Shul with the Mitzvah Kinder will help children prepare for a real Shul setting.

Parents and teachers can encourage and promote proper Shul behavior through play and pretend.Blowing Shofar on Rosh Hashana, Dancing Simchas Torah, davening with minyan or a nice Shabbos Kiddush, are a few favorite Mitzvah Kinder Shul play ideas.

2 Men's Tables
2 Men's Benches
1 Women Table
1 Women Bench
1 Aron Kodesh
1 Amud
1 Beema
2 Mechitzas
4 PlayClix Pieces
4 Mitzvah Kinder Figures
1 Floor Mat
2 Torah Scrolls
2 Prayer Books (Siddur)
4 Prayer Shawls (Talis)

Ages 3+

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