Pattern Play




Mindware’s Pattern Play Bright Colors shows both kids and adults the colorful side to problem solving games and puzzles.

Along with being great for development, Pattern Play Bright Colors also serves as a quiet, relaxing activity for all ages.

The focus that goes into solving the pattern cards can be mesmerizing and the complete satisfaction from finally completing it are incredibly hard to match.

And when the puzzle is finished, you are left with a very visually pleasing work of art.

This incredible toy from Mindware offers a comprehensive array of benefits as a source of entertainment and education for both children and adults.



Use these brightly-colored blocks in varying shapes and the pattern cards to introduce significant math concepts like sorting, matching, symmetry, congruence and fractions

By creating a quiet and soothing activity, this stimulating toy can be just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids 

With 40 beautiful pattern cards and beautifully colored wooden blocks, Pattern Play Bright Colors allows both children and adults to create beautiful works of art over and over again

These blocks fit into the wooden tray like a puzzle, so feel-free to create your own designs to show your creativity and originality



40 Wood Blocks (in 10 Vibrant Colors)

1 (10.5) Square Wood Building Tray

40 Pattern Cards


Ages 3+

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