Pattern Play 3D




Take play to another dimension and discover your inner architect!

Pattern Play 3D combines building and imagination to make the perfect STEM learning activity!

The goal is to recreate 2D patterns into 3D structures.

Manipulate the multi-shaped and vibrant blocks to successfully duplicate the balance, composition and geometry featured on each 2D instruction puzzle card.

Watch stunning modern art patterns, towers, pyramids and all sorts of abstract creations defy gravity!

The double-sided pattern cards are numbered in order of difficulty, ranging from beginner to expert.

With each build becoming more challenging, patience and confidence is gained through trial and error.

Once you’ve mastered recreating the impressive structures get creative and design your own—the possibilities with these big chunky blocks are endless!

This 3D enrichment tool inspires hours of continuous play and will quickly become a favorite!



Strengthens STEM, fine-motor, strategy, physics and basic engineering skills

Problem solving becomes a work of art that's rewarding to both boys and girls

40 designs on 20 glossy cards and 22 high-quality wooden blocks guaranteed to last

Sturdy wooden tray great for stacking and storage

Even clean-up is a learning opportunity

Also a perfect stress reliever for the busy adult


Ages 5+

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