Pizza Party




Bake, and Serve Pizza. The wooden pizza
consists of six "slices" that are held together by Velcro. Each piece
has three Velcro disks for attaching the pizza toppings. Your child can
assemble the pizza right on the cheerful green pizza tray. Using pepperoni,
mushroom, or peppers, or a combination of the three toppings, she can make a
pizza that almost looks good enough to eat.
Once the pizza is "ready," the child can use the
pizza cutter to cut the pizza. It actually has a rolling blade, just like an
authentic utensil, and since the pizza slices are held together with Velcro, it
makes a fun crunching sound when it's cut. Your little pizza chef can then dish
out pizza to her customers with the included server. (Note that the toy kitchen
utensils are not meant for use with real food or with real kitchen appliances.)

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