Poke-A-Dot: First Shapes




Shapes can be found all around!

See the pictures, name the shapes, and poke the irresistible buttons on every page to hear satisfying clicks and pops.

This sturdy 10-page interactive board book invites kids to pop along as they explore full-color photographs of familiar objects and their shapes.

The gift is a square, the egg is an oval, and the slice of pizza is a triangle!

Poke-a-Dot books help encourage language development, shape and color recognition, and fine motor skills.

Patented Pop-a-Tronic technology lets kids one and older discover different popping sounds by poking the dots from the front or the back, with pages raised or flat!



10-page interactive sturdy board book with buttons to press and pop on every page

Poke the dots while identifying full-color photos of familiar objects and their shapes (circle, triangle, diamond, etc.)

Poke-a-Dot books encourage language development, color recognition, and fine motor skills

Makes a great gift for babies and toddlers, ages 1 to 3, for hands-on, screen-free play


Ages 12 Months+

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