Shape, Model, and Mold Modeling Dough Kit




Squish, squeeze, shape, and sculpt countless modeling dough creations inspired by you and your imagination! 

It includes four vibrant colors of modeling dough in tubs with molding lids featuring an adorable animal on each. 

Easy-grip tools include 3 patterned rolling pins and a patterned wheel press, as well as five wooden stamping cubes with unique patterns. 

This hands-on activity is a perfect way to help kids three and older develop fine motor skills, finger strength, color recognition, and creative expression.



Colorful collection of play clay and wooden tools

4 vibrant colors (red, yellow, blue, and green)

Adorable animal molds on every lid

Great for fine motor skills, finger strength, color recognition, shape recognition, and creative expression

Contains wheat 



5 Wooden stamping cubes

3 Rolling pins

4 Tubs of modeling dough

1 Patterned wheel press


Ages 3+

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