SpinForce Glow X3




Spinforce Glow X3 is a high-speed, glow-in-the-dark car track with an RC car and infrared remote. The car has headlights and floor lights. You can race forwards and backward. The track had glow trace technology. As the car races, the floor lights activate the track causing the car to leave a trail of light as it drives.
  • SPINFORCE glow x3: High-speed RC car track with glow trace technology!
  • START YOUR ENGINES: Includes 1 Infrared remote & 1 RC car with headlights/floor lights that reflect on the track. As you race, the car leaves a trail of light!
  • CUSTOMIZE THE ROAD: The adjustable track includes three loops and two wide turns. Includes 172 inches of track!
  • HOURS OF RACING FUN: The car is USB rechargeable.

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