Tummy Time Fun Ladybug Pillow & Mat




An ideal tummy-time playmat & pillow with an engaging tummy-time pillow and stimulating stand-alone mirror.


Developmental Wonders:

When your baby is 1-2 months: Place your baby on her tummy, Monitor her responses, and when she gets restless, turn her onto her side or back.

When your baby is 2-4 months: Place your baby on her tummy in front of the mirror, so that she can gaze at her reflection.


Gross Motor Skills:

The defined play area let's babies stretch their bodies, experiment with movement and roll over, while the fun features stimulate and intrigue baby.

This helps extend tummy time and strengthen shoulder and neck muscles.



The Tummy Time Mat stimulates babies senses with bright colors and intriguing mirror; rattles and crinkly noises (sound); and a variety of textures and materials (touch).

An activity center designed to encourage extended tummy time lifting and is highly portable.



1 Comfortable padded play mat

1 Cushioning pillow designed with baby's physical build in mind

1 Mirror

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