Unicorn & You Styling Kit




Create magical hairand nail designs for youand your unicorn
with the Unicorn & YouStyling Kit!

This light up, color changing unicorn is ready for unique
nails and hair do's created by you.

Use the Hair Chox and nail enamel included in the kit to
create a fun look for the cutest piece of room décor you’ll ever have.

Make sure to match your hair and nails to your unicorn and
finish your look with a unicorn horn headband.

The Hair Chox easily washes out of your hair, and the nail
enamel is water based, so it will peel off.

Your Unicorn Light runs on batteries or plugs in with a micro
USB cord.

Styling unicorn lamp with batteries
3 Hair Chox pens
3 nail enamel colors
Unicorn horn headband
Micro USB cable

Dimensions: 10"L x 7"W x 11"H

Ages 6+

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