What Did Pinny Do?




Pinny is a happy, active two year old with a little problem.

His hair is getting longer, and it’s always in his eyes!

His mother tries to tame it with a clip, but it doesn’t stay put for very long.

His sister tries to hold his hair back with a pony tail holder, but soon it gets lost.

Only the day of Pinny’s third birthday will bring the solution he’s been waiting for!

This adorable Upsherin story contains just enough gentle suspense and simple plot to appeal to its toddler audience.

It’s a great gift, and a wonderful way to prepare little boys for their own big day!

The unique and colorful style of art enhances every page of this big, bold, colorful children’s classic.



36 Pages



Language: English


Author: Nechama Sittner


Illustrator: Tova Leff 

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